Yard birding

COVID-19 is heavily restricting movement here in Bangladesh. The government has shut down most businesses and is encouraging people to stay at home. So we’re just hunkering down and only going out for groceries when needed. Because we homeschool it doesn’t affect our school at all. One upside to staying at home is I’ve beenContinue reading “Yard birding”

Birding during COVID-19

COVID-19 has been shaking the world, but if you have your trust put in the right place you need not have any fears! Thankfully coronavirus isn’t too bad here yet, and since I bike to New Vision it was fine to continue birding because I would not be using public transportation as most birders doContinue reading “Birding during COVID-19”

New Vision: dead kingfisher and cormorant 😢

I was able to bird New Vision again this weekend. By now it’s getting hot, and the bike ride though only 7 miles is starting to be a bit more wearing. While I was out it was probably mid to upper 80s (F) and thankfully humidity is still down in the 50s, but it’s notContinue reading “New Vision: dead kingfisher and cormorant 😢”

Historical: Cordonbleus, Waxbills, and more(Kenya pt 2)

I woke up bright and early our first morning in Kenya to the gorgeous song of an African Pied Wagtail just outside my window! I of course had to check to see what it was and enjoyed its “wagging” around the sidewalk. I also noted a wheatear on the back wall which I IDed asContinue reading “Historical: Cordonbleus, Waxbills, and more(Kenya pt 2)”

Birding JU: Brown Fish-Owl!

Nic and I finally got the time to go out to Jahangirnagar University (JU) this weekend. JU is a beautiful campus and well known birding hotspot just outside Dhaka. During the winter there are many migrants with the highest numbers being several thousand Lesser Whistling Ducks (most common duck in Bangladesh). Most of the migrantsContinue reading “Birding JU: Brown Fish-Owl!”

Historical: Kenya November 2019

“I can’t believe we’re actually here!” I thought as our plane touched down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya! We had been planning this vacation since early in the year to visit my aunt and uncle who live in Nakuru. Of course I was excited to be able to spend some timeContinue reading “Historical: Kenya November 2019”

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