Yard Birding Surprises!

I’ve been birding from our rooftop every evening and some mornings since lockdown started and just this afternoon reached fifty species with a flyover Shikra! It’s been a lot of fun being able to bird even in the middle of Dhaka during the lockdown, and I’ve had some awesome surprises along the way! My yardContinue reading “Yard Birding Surprises!”

Cuckooshrike, Mousebirds, Citrils, and Sunbirds (Historical: Kenya pt 3)

With lockdown because of COVID I’m not getting birding done besides from our home and that doesn’t give much material for the blog so hopefully I can do more historical posts. I’ve only gotten through two days of our Kenya trip so far so I may start doing a bit less commentary and more photosContinue reading “Cuckooshrike, Mousebirds, Citrils, and Sunbirds (Historical: Kenya pt 3)”

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