An odd failed twitch!

On Sunday the 13th a very rare White-tailed Eagle was seen at Muhuri Dam in the south east of Bangladesh. It was only the second confirmed record for Bangladesh after one found by Paul Thompson on a river in Gaibanda back in 1996! When I first heard about it I half thought about twitching* it,Continue reading “An odd failed twitch!”

What birding is about! Plus finding a Black-headed Bunting!

This past weekend* was a perfect example of why I love birding for three reasons: enjoying the common species, finding rare species, and doing it with friends! (This was from late September! I started writing it immediately after, but didn’t get around to finishing it till now 😬) The weekend started off at New Vision,Continue reading “What birding is about! Plus finding a Black-headed Bunting!”

Rare Thrushes in Dhaka

It was a Friday afternoon in late October with beautiful clear blue skies and I was itching to get outside, so my brother and I decided to try birding Ramna park for the first time. Ramna park is a large park in the university area of the city that I’d heard had decent birding: includingContinue reading “Rare Thrushes in Dhaka”

Striated Babblers, Eurasian Cuckoo, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, and more!

Another week, another visit to New Vision! New Vision really is one of my favorite birding spots both because of its relative proximity to our house and because the birding is really good! This weekend visit was no different in birding quality! First up were some Chestnut-tailed Starlings, although they’re common it was fun toContinue reading “Striated Babblers, Eurasian Cuckoo, Pheasant-tailed Jacana, and more!”

Yard Squad Challenge 2.0

If you’ve read some of my older posts from this spring you may remember a Yard Squad challenge I was part of back then. It consisted of several teams of 9 birders with one global player each and the rest of the participants from the ABA area (US and Canada). This time around is quiteContinue reading “Yard Squad Challenge 2.0”

Hornbill, Rollers, and a Firefinch (Historical post: Kenya #4)

We woke up a bit late on our last morning before we went to “the Mara” (as people here call Masai Mara), and it wasn’t till 7:10 that we got out of the house to do a bit of birding. We were soon in business with a hornbill flying across and landing on one ofContinue reading “Hornbill, Rollers, and a Firefinch (Historical post: Kenya #4)”

Birding New Vision: Pygmy Geese and a Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Last weekend Nic and I were joined by our young birding friend Elias Thomas for birding at New Vision. It’s definitely the middle of the monsoons right now, and as soon as we got to New Vision I could see the water level was even higher than the week before. We weren’t expecting too manyContinue reading “Birding New Vision: Pygmy Geese and a Pheasant-tailed Jacana”

Black Bitterns and a Wandering Pennant

This weekend I was able to make it out to New Vision again. Nic didn’t come this time, but it’s sometimes fun to bird alone. Some of my first birds after locking up my bicycle were two juvenile Long-tailed Shrikes along with an adult. The beginning of the trail has small trees along it soContinue reading “Black Bitterns and a Wandering Pennant”

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