An odd failed twitch!

On Sunday the 13th a very rare White-tailed Eagle was seen at Muhuri Dam in the south east of Bangladesh. It was only the second confirmed record for Bangladesh after one found by Paul Thompson on a river in Gaibanda back in 1996! When I first heard about it I half thought about twitching* it,Continue reading “An odd failed twitch!”

Rare Thrushes in Dhaka

It was a Friday afternoon in late October with beautiful clear blue skies and I was itching to get outside, so my brother and I decided to try birding Ramna park for the first time. Ramna park is a large park in the university area of the city that I’d heard had decent birding: includingContinue reading “Rare Thrushes in Dhaka”

A Shearwater in Dhaka?!

Those of you who are birders and know something of where and what Dhaka is like (and who read the title) will be completely understand the incredulity I’m feeling. Yesterday afternoons birding started just like any other of my normal birding days besides that I went up to our rooftop a bit earlier than usualContinue reading “A Shearwater in Dhaka?!”

Birding JU: Brown Fish-Owl!

Nic and I finally got the time to go out to Jahangirnagar University (JU) this weekend. JU is a beautiful campus and well known birding hotspot just outside Dhaka. During the winter there are many migrants with the highest numbers being several thousand Lesser Whistling Ducks (most common duck in Bangladesh). Most of the migrantsContinue reading “Birding JU: Brown Fish-Owl!”

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